Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Michael & Aho (aka King & Queen of Lanna in Thailand)

Pictured is Queen Yatphirun and baby Princess ? and the Queen's sister, waiting to board to Naga boat which will take them to Sydney tomorrow. (I must admit I had to do some fast googling to find out what a Naga Boat was ..... I'll leave it to you to wonder, as I did ....) Have we any other Royalty at this party? It is very gracious of Their Majesties to condescend to accept out invitation I must admit - I just remembered, of course we have other Royalty - is Keith not our elected King? We have yet to discuss the rest of the court .... any volunteers for Court Jester? (All of you, I should say!)

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oldphart said...

How to explain the Nagas...


has lots on Nagas. The one I know best is Mucalinda, the protector of the Buddha who features in almost every Thai temple (and others of the Theravada tradition).

The enemy of the Nagas was Garuda, the giant bird-man. Amusingly, Indonesia, the largest muslim country in the world, named its national airline Garuda and uses its image as their logo. :-)

A Naga boat is simply a Thia style long boat with a Naga image on the prow.