Saturday, December 13, 2008

Esteemed Lister Keith Abel - revealed at last!

Well, the moment has arrived! Revealed to the world at last - never mind your Crocodile Dundees and your Russell Crowes - we have our very own M Keith Abel! Pictured here in the latest List Party wearing apparel, clasping his hands in delight that he could be here with us in Oz - or could it be in trepidation of being at the helm (wheel?) of the Great Piddlesbury on it's awesome journey? We have to admit that the photo is not actually the very latest, but we are sure time cannot have changed him to any great extent. He must still surely have that same sturdy stance, ready to take on anything the world may toss his way - the same intense gaze into the distance, reminds us of the statue of Map Kernow in Kapunda, South Australia - see above.

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