Monday, December 15, 2008

Sydney all lit up especially for our overseas guests

Lorna, you'll be so glad to see the two parrots waving red flags on the top of the Harbour Bridge! You'll all be exhausted, head straight for the Opera House, Michael's waiting there with a keg, the barbie's on, and you can chuck your li-lo's and sleeping bags wherever, ready to crash I don't mean that literally Keith, take it steady as you hit Sydney's traffic, it gets a bit out of control at times. Hope you miss the peak hour. If you have to use the tunnel - well I wouldn't, the Piddlesbury might be too high, and it would never do to get stuck in the tunnel! Use the bridge, it might be slower, but it's safer. Mary, how are you & your husband going in the motorhome? Do you want to camp with us under the Moreton Bay Fig in the Domain? And what about Albert & Co in the James Bond Inflatable Zodiac Commando Boat? Haven't heard anything from them for a while - should we send out a search party?
Don't forget to click on the picture so you can see it better - you can't make out the parrots when it's so small!

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oldphart said...

Eleanor Grace (Ellie G to my friends) and I have just climbed on the Naga to fly to Sydney from our bush capital.

We have brought large quantities of my brother's home brew and a very large Chateau Carton for me.