Friday, December 19, 2008

Heinous offence in Sydney - Cornish Lister's guest Ned Kelly blamed!

Listers will recall that King Keith has been incarcerated in Long Bay Gaol, for allegedly pilfering a piece of the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. In fact, a much more serious crime has been committed - one whole tower has mysteriously disappeared in the night, and has been replaced by - of all things! - a supporting pier from Melbourne's Princes Bridge (a much inferior bridge, it has to be admitted, but Melburnians are outraged by its disappearance). Fortunately our beloved King has the best of alibis - he was under lock and key at the time, and even the arresting office had to admit that King Keith could not have been responsible. The finger of suspicion has now been pointed at Ned Kelly, travelling with Corinne in the Jelbart Tractor, as the most likely culprit. Corinne admits that Ned had 'ideas' about the Crown Casino in Melbourne, and it is considered very likely that while crossing Princes Bridge he attached the pier to the Jelbart Tractor, unbeknown to Corinne.
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