Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Piddlesbury has landed!

Such a relief! News at last from the Great Piddlesbury. Three Cheers for Captain King Keith! Hip hip - HOORAY!! Hip hip - HOORAY!! Hip hip - HOORAY!! Keith has special parking rights, given the massive feat he has just accomplished - in fact he is to be made an honorary Australian at a ceremony later in the day (which will be yesterday for you Keith, or is it tomorrow?). Our Prime Minister, Kenny Rudd, has decreed that you will not have to pass the citizenship that other poor mortals have to sit, see,21985,21751638-662,00.html if you are thinking of becoming an Australian. Lucky for us Australian born, we don't have to sit the test, or we would fail and be sent back to .... tomorrow?
Picture courtesty Sea Eagle-cam.
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