Friday, December 19, 2008

We have our stand-in Baby Jesus!

Thanks to Keith (who has abdicated, as his country does not allow the acceptance of Royal titles), we now have our very own Crib complete with Baby Jasmine Abel. She appears quite comfortable in the Crib, we hope the straw doesn't tickle her too much!
Fortunately her Grandad is NOT the King Keith recently arrested, although lingering suspicion still exists due to his statements in an earlier email. As we know, Keith is Canadian, and he stated in his email that "The towers were then no longer needed and were left for Americans to take away as souvenirs," we feel that he is totally innocent of the charges laid. We are glad to take up Keith's offer of a sight-seeing trip around Australia and ask for fellow-listers to suggest suitable places (preferably with Cornish connections).

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