Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Col Paterson's Burra tour tips

Dear Jenny, you may like to use the attached picture in your Party 2008 blog. It has been mentioned that the Piddlesbury bus could do a side trip to Burra - these 2 snaps are showing the dugouts in the creek banks which were home to many Cornish mining families. One year many were drowned due to the creek flooding. These dugout residences were quite extraordinary. Hand dug into the creek bank, some were of 2-3 rooms with several chimneys dug vertically up to the surface consolidated by mud cement or timber square, old barrels etc, very few were in brick. Some had hessian or canvas curtain doors others had timber frames and doors and glass windows. Also to be viewed is the Redruth Goal in Tregony Street. A picnic lunch could be held on the old Railway Platform or at the Bon Accord Hotel across the road.
I can already hear the Pets Choir echoing in the old Railway Station. Lolloping Lorna and the Grand Duchess and The Coach Captain should reallyenjoy the visit. Allabest for the New Year and have a happy Xmas.
Col Paterson
Thanks Col - Of course, people can go back and virtually enjoy that tour any time they want to! I had really wanted to include the dugouts but couldn't find any pics - I remember hearing that an epidemic of some kind went through this community due to the very unhygienic conditions - but the miners had no choice, the companies did not provide them with housing, and they had to live somewhere!

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