Sunday, December 14, 2008

Just arrived in Sydney!

Made it at last - have pulled the van in under the tree, here in the Sydney Domain, just behind Speaker's Corner. It's an old tradition with the Sydney-ites I believe, you can pull up a soap box and rant to your heart's content! Should be quiet enough at night tho. I think the tree is a big old Moreton Bay fig - there are/were plenty in the Domain but recently some had to be removed because of disease. Click on
then type in 'the domain new south wales' in the search box and you'll see just where The Domain is - Woolloomooloo I believe. Don't forget 'street view' - you can have a look at Sydney from ground level that way. Feeling warmer yet Keith?

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oldphart said...

Most of the figs in the botanic gardens and the nearby domain are in fact Moreton Bay figs, planted in the 19th century:

There are also some Port Jackson figs (Ficus rubiginosa) around Sydney (usually growing wild as this is their natural range):

The most famous Moreton Bay fig is the tree at Fig Tree, a suburb of Wollongong:,_New_South_Wales