Saturday, December 20, 2008

Day Trip to Moliagul

All aboard the Great Piddlesbury! This will be a longish trip folks, 930km, lucky it's a virtual trip! We'll head straight down the Hume Highway through Albury-Wodonga (twin towns, one on either side of the Murray River, which divides Victoria and NSW) then we'll turn right through Seymour, on to Bendigo and then 63km to Moliagul. Now, I'd never heard of Moliagul, maybe Viv is right, and I'm NOT an Australian .... but there it is, I had never heard of the place. So this is all new to me, I'm off to Google Maps to see if Street View is available in Moliagul - well, I'm back, and yes it is available. I drove down the Moliagul-Dunnolly Road for a little way (see picture above) until I came to the sign that says "Moliagul" "Home of the Welcome Stranger) - you can do the same, by going to Google Maps, type in 'Moliagul Australia" then drag the little yellow man above the zoom bar onto the Moliagul-Dunnolly Road - and you're there! It might take a little while (and make sure you choose 'satellite' view) but it's fun.
Corinne sent me the picture on the right, the gentleman is Dick Deason, a direct descendant of John Deason, the chap who found the Welcome Stranger. The picture on the left is from Wikipedia,_Victoria and shows miners & their wives with the finders of the Welcome Stranger - not sure which is Dick's ancestor.
Just had a look at Hill End too - didn't think Google Maps camera went all the way up there, but it does! It's a virtual world all right! Here's the link but not sure if it will work (I tried to put the exact link in but you have to find it yourself obviously - this link will just take you to Google Maps Australia). You can get a 360 degree view by holding the left button on the mouse down and dragging the mouse in the direction you want to look. (I'm sure lots will know all this, but for those who don't ... :-))

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