Monday, December 15, 2008

Janet Few, please stand up!

Another coup for the Cornish List - Janet from Darkest Devon pictured here preparing for Bondi Beach 2008. A bit of surfing about to take place in the background there perhaps? - and hey! we were always told that English beaches were made of pebbles! That certainly looks like real, genu-ine sand to me! Of course we are aware that Cornish beaches are sandy, but then Cornwall is not England. Maybe Janet can tell us more of that lovely beach - was it indeed Bondi? A visit when she was very young perhaps ..... and that reminds me folks, don't forget to bring your buckets and spades!!

1 comment:

oldphart said...

Can't be Bondi or any other Aussie beach as they actually have surf. ;-)

I have seen sand on beaches in Devon - from the train only between Teignemouth and Dawlish. But then Devon is "nearly Cornwall". :-)