Sunday, December 14, 2008

Another Lister revealed - Michael Lightfoot and Family at Ettamogah Pub

Michael just sent this -it's a better one of the Ettamogah's roof, important you see the old truck up there - 'Why is it there?' I hear you say - I have no idea. Why not?

Michael is pictured with his wife & baby daughter and sister in law on holiday. Now, how do we explain the Ettamogah Pub? Hmmm - Ken Maynard was a cartoonist who depicted buildings which defied the laws of gravity - someone had a bright idea that it would be good to build his Ettamogah Pub just as it was depicted in the cartoons .... it is now a 'must see' if we take the Piddlesbury down the Hume Highway south, it's just near Albury.

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oldphart said...

Notice the names on the toilet door.

"blokes s'house, can, crapper, thundabox, men".

The cartoon behind my head has a racehorse with an anchor, 200lbs, a couple of bags of sand on its back and bricks attached to its legs. The jockey is saying "Yeah boss... I could have gone faster... but I had ter wait for th' horse!"

michael alias oldphart